I lived in my beach house five years before I lived in my beach house.
— - Brenda Shiekh
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Visionary Mastermind

Become empowered to take extraordinary new actions that intentionally reshape your reality. Discover not only how to recognize the synchronicities in your life, but also how to bring them into your life by setting the right intention. Emerge with a breakthrough in your imagination and creativity, clarify your goals and desires, and align and articulate your soul style. Leave with the tools you need to manifest what you want into your life with grace and ease.  

let your transformation begin.

I guide people into their own discoveries about what their frustrations are reflecting back to them and invite them to take full responsibility for creating their lives.  I demonstrate that by turning the finger you are pointing at others inward, you find the key to unlock your own personal freedom. 

What area of your life do you want to transform?

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Signature Talks/Workshops

  • LEAP into the most empowering version of you
  • Create a World Where You Get What You Want
  • Designing your Homeschool so Everybody Wins
  • Create a Fun House – Seeing Your Reflection in Your Household
  • 8 Week – Transformation Thursdays (Improv and Vision) with Brenda and Sara
  • The Harmony Series – A four-part event that takes place quarterly over the course of a year.  Along with two other women, Brenda speaks on the topics of finding your authentic voice, living a bolder, fuller life, and acting in concert with others to create life-giving and meaningful change in the world.
  • “I nearly wet my pants laughing so hard, but by the end I couldn’t tell if more mascara was running because of laughter or because of tears.  She’s clearly very real with herself, so she was able to invite us to be real with ourselves.” – M Stertz, Los Angeles
  • “Brenda is a genius at acknowledging and honoring the individuality in each of us.  She seems to have endless space for people to be who they are.   She simply doesn’t get hung up on differences.” – C Martinez, San Francisco


  • Hastings-Shiekh Productions, CEO
  • Author of the Expert Communication Series
  • Co-Creator “The Harmony Series 2018” Event in Los Angeles
  • Mom’s Laughing Matters Blog
  • Podcast “Behind the Blog”
  • Screenplay writer “Holy Cow” (a collaboration with Amna Shiekh and Rob Edwards)
  • Co-Owner, Compton Community Center
  • Compton Youth Vision Board Project, Director
  • Compton Robotics Club, Seed Money
  • Misssey, Inc social services organization volunteer
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America volunteer
  • Delphi Academy, Santa Monica School Board Fundraising Chair
  • Mayor Aja Brown, Compton Campaign Fundraising Host
  • Sitara Foundation helping provide fresh water and opportunity to Pakistan, Board Member
  • Citizen Action Community Fundraiser, Sacramento
  • Stand Up Comedian, Flappers Los Angeles, CA, The Comedy Store Los Angeles, CA
  • Eleven children, two sets of twins, triplets and 4 singletons
  • Two children diagnosed with severe autism including one with Asperger’s, 1 child with ADHD, and another with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, 12 chickens, 2 cats, and a dog.