Queen of Manifesting

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When I was nineteen a friend of mine gave me a set of Anthony Robbins 30 Days to Success tapes. I’m not sure if he gave them to me because I had just recently been fired from my job, or because I had dropped out of college and I was sleeping in the backseat of my car. Either way, I had a working tape player and nothing to lose. Listening to the tapes became my job, and I took it seriously for a change. The tenth day had a goal setting workshop and I went to town on that exercise. I wrote down ridiculous things that made no sense, way beyond what anyone could predict I would have.

Five months go by and I still wasn’t living in a mansion on the beach with a Mercedes and yelling at my landscapers because they over-trimmed my juniper bushes. But, I did have a job and an apartment and had re-enrolled in college. I was pissed that things weren’t happening quickly or easily, so much for magical tapes. I wasn’t even friends with that guy anymore. I tossed my Success Journal in the garbage and just dropped the fantasy of a wealthy lifestyle. Clearly, I wasn’t meant to have it.

It wasn’t until about five years later that I was sitting in my beach house with my awesome husband who exactly matched the description from the relationship goals I had set, that I realized I had about 90% of what I had written in my Success Journal. It just hadn’t even occurred to me before this moment that it was possible that I manifested these things from the backseat of my 1996 Honda Civic years earlier, but my life looked hauntingly like the one I drew up in that goal setting workshop. I couldn’t believe it! It was magic!

Despite having a much more sophisticated lifestyle than my previous homeless one, and feeling safer than ever before, I still had some of the same kinds of attitude problems that had caused me to be fired, drop out of college, and sleep in my car in the first place. I felt like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, who was orchestrating thousands of mop buckets but they were splashing and spilling all over the floor I felt just like he must have, an immature wanna be wizard. I needed more training.

That’s when I went back to goal setting in the form of vision boards. While I still made room for a bit of the material things I wanted, I started dedicating my manifesting goals to things like putting up with my husband, tolerating my teenage daughter, making small talk at a party, and generally being more polite. Some of those things are still on my not yet manifested list, by the way.

Over the past twenty years since realizing how powerful the law of attraction is, and how much responsibility we can take for our lives, I have surrounded myself with people who enjoy sharing their visions and manifesting bigger and better versions of themselves. One giant take away from years of watching each other wish and want for things, wait and wonder about them, and eventually get them, is that the magic isn’t necessarily when we get what we ask for, it’s in how we grow out of going after those things. It’s not the fancy car or the beautiful girl who changes our lives, it’s knowing that our thoughts become things, and just like Mickey Mouse, we have the ability to take part in the orchestra of our evolving lives.