Best Friends

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After a while, some small event, like they cancelled on me last-minute, or they returned my car on empty, or it was the third Tuesday of the month, would trigger me to run a pattern in my mind about how that person was an ungrateful so and so and that I was just being taken advantage of. It sounds so sick and twisted writing about it now, but i feel so happy that I don’t do that anymore.

I absolutely acted that way toward my husband in the beginning. I poured myself wholeheartedly into the relationship and mentally put myself in his business all the time. Then I would snap and accuse him of either keeping me from doing the things I wanted to do, or not reciprocating love. My husband was completely non-reactive and would let me take off and slam doors and then very lovingly ask if I was feeling better later, totally without judgement. After while, because I couldn’t get the reaction I was looking for, it got boring to run that pattern on him. I stopped doing it in my marriage, but for many years later I continued that passive aggressive, perpetrator and victim friendship cycle with many an unsuspecting soul.

It was so frustrating because I believed my thoughts about how these other people were ungrateful, and at the same time I knew that it was a dysfunctional pattern. I rationalized it by assuming that I was just attracting terrible friends. For a while, I avoided friendships all together thinking I just was just better off as a lone wolf.

I had a huge Ah-Ha moment in a completely unrelated event with my son who sustained a brain injury. It made me acutely aware of how believing my thoughts about anything was sketchy at best. That’s when I started challenging every single thought that I would have that made me frustrated. The process of challenging negative thoughts became so alive in me that I could almost instantly recognize the victim pattern the moment it started and could redirect immediately.

Habits are not easy to break, but with effort, I learned to recognize the impulse to solve someone else’s problems. The thought would be something like “they need my help.” I learned to turn these thoughts totally around and trained myself to ignore the impulse to help by focusing on how they don’t need my help, or how I needed to help myself not try to help when I’m not being asked to.

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I bet my friends are going to read this and think “Hey, why couldn’t I have met you back when you were giving your stuff away and anticipating your friends needs!” Trust me guys, minding my own business makes me the best possible friend.