I'm brenda.

Brenda is on a mission to reframe the conversation around what’s possible in the lives of people.

The past doesn’t have to define what’s possible, everything that has happened in your life has a gift you shouldn’t forget to receive, any limiting belief is an option – so are fabulous ones.


The key to freedom is taking full responsibility for creating our lives.

I am an author and blogger on topics including how to reframe and the power of language to influence yourself and your family, and authentically delivers a delightful, hilarious perspective.

I am the calm in the storm, and as a parent of eleven children (twelve if you count her husband) I not only manage to run my own business, I also homeschool my children, including two with severe autism, and one with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

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We are not our bodies.


Collaboration over competition is the key to success.


Laughter is the best medicine.